Model Jessica Melena, de vrouw van Ciro Immobile, plaatst regelmatig een video op Instagram, waarin de spits van Lazio meer aandacht heeft voor zijn Playstation dan voor Melena. BUY BUY BUY !!!!!!! All in all great card. Join the discussion or compare with others! For a guy that is 6FT 1" he feels incredibly responsive when turning or using the R1 dribbling method, couple the dribbling with his physicality and you'll be able to bully or dribble past most defenders with ease. Soms zit er niks anders op, dan maar de stekker eruit te trekken.... Samen met Immobile gezellig een film kijken, zit er voor Melena helaas ook niet in... Toch is er zelfs tijdens het gamen soms tijd voor een knuffel. Genuinely gobsmacked at how good this man is. Ciro Immobile 86 FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Violation of the above rules can lead to account closure. Tagged under Mario Balotelli, Ea Sports, Football Player, Fifa 17, Fifa 19, Goal, Fifa … Jersey FIFA 18, cristiano ronaldo PNG size: 512x512px filesize: 211.2KB Please whitelist FUTBIN site on your ad blocker in order to help FUTBIN existence and development. I've now used immobile for over 40 games and i can say that this man does not disappoint, I play a 4-4-2 and have switched the second striker round a few times but none are as good as ciro, martinez was honestly so bad, used him for about 20 games and he couldn't finish at all, and at the moment I have Aspas who is better than latauro but no where near as good as ciro, every time he is through it is a guaranteed goal and this year he has very respectable pace. FIFA 18!/tr-tr/tid=CUSA07994_00 Don’t even think I even need to go into detail about his finishing, just shoot and watch the ball fly in. 0. Join the discussion or compare with others! 03 augustus 2020 13:18 Aangepast: 05 augustus 2020 10:06. Ciro Immobile 82 - live prices, in-game stats, comments and reviews for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team FUT. fifa 18 tots immobile review, team of the season immobile is now in packs, is he worth it? Search the FIFA 19 Career Mode Database to find players potentials and stats Ciro Immobile is a Forward who has appeared in 7 matches this season in Serie A, playing a total of 538 minutes.Ciro Immobile scores an average of 0.84 goals for every 90 minutes that the player is on the pitch. I've used this card in division from division 4 to division 2 and he has not stopped scoring even though the opponents have definitely got harder. De inmiddels 29-jarige Melena gaf eerder in een interview aan dat er met Immobile niet eens valt te praten als hij aan het gamen is. Hij hoort me niet eens...". Ovvy - Best FIFA 20 Tutorials Tricks & Skills 860,191 views 10:03 We have created a guideline, which will help you to understand how to use our comments system. Ciro Immobile, 30, from Italy SS Lazio, since 2016 Centre-Forward Market value: €45.00m * Feb 20, 1990 in Torre Annunziata, Italy p.s if you happen to give a fuck, i used him in 2 man pairing with Mertens (monster btw) in a 442. i will try and link the team i use, bare in mind i have almost a million coins and just cant find improvements for this team, its perfect for me. FUTCommunity. Player Page: C. Immobile (Ciro Immobile) FIFA 18 26 april 2018 - 20/02/1990 (27 years) - OVR 86 - POTENTIAL 86 Join the discussion or compare with others! We believe and hope that we can build a stable community in FUTBIN and that comments will be a part of it. Copy URL CIRO IMMOBILE. Zelfs dat lukt niet.... terwijl Immobile rustig FIFA aan het spelen is, vraagt Melena zijn aandacht vanuit de keuken. FIFA 18 ALL FREE KICKS TUTORIAL - HOW TO SCORE EVERY FREE KICK (Curve Driven Dipping Trivela Power) - Duration: 10:03. FIFA 18 TOTS Immobile Review (96) FIFA 18 TOTS Immobile Player Review! With a hunter he has 94 shooting and 93 pace, this is definitely noticed in game as he's easily able to run past defenders such as Gomez, VVD & Klosterman. Ciro Immobile's Form Analysis. Far post finesse shots are the most effective way of finishing this year in my opinion and i do not think he has missed one in the time at my club, every time it is a goal! Check FUT 21 player prices, Build squads, play on our Draft Simulator, explore the database, open Packs and much more! Model Jessica Melena, ... terwijl Immobile rustig FIFA aan het spelen is, vraagt Melena zijn aandacht vanuit de keuken. Ciro Immobile 96 - live prices, in-game stats, comments and reviews for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team FUT. Gareth Bale and Ciro Immobile headline the latest edition of FIFA Ultimate Team of the Week, as the action in Spain and Italy resumed with a bang after the festive period break His shooting is 2nd is almost fake at times, left foot, right foot, headers, volleys, tap ins, long shots, finesses... you name it and he can score it. Maybe his league. Played 97 games with him and almost scored 200 with him in division 1 and 2 in rivals. Player Page: C. Immobile (Ciro Immobile) FIFA 18 Original - 20/02/1990 (27 years) - OVR 82 - POTENTIAL 83 Er zijn nog drie genomineerde voetballers over voor The Best FIFA Men's Player, ... Immobile was in de Serie A betrokken bij 45 goals en dan tel ik de beker en El ... 11 december 2020 om 18:30. We have decided to add comments to facilitate communication and interaction between FUTBIN users. It's ok to disagree with others, but keep the comments polite and respectful. FUTCommunity. Ciro Immobile, 30, from Italy SS Lazio, since 2016 Centre-Forward Market value: £40.50m * Feb 20, 1990 in Torre Annunziata, Italy Accuracy","type":"sub","value":51,"max":true},{"shortcut":"S\/P","chem_change":1,"id":"shortpassing","stat_num":"igs15","name":"Short Passing","type":"sub","value":80,"max":true},{"shortcut":"L\/P","chem_change":1,"id":"longpassing","stat_num":"igs16","name":"Long Passing","type":"sub","value":53,"max":true},{"shortcut":"CUR","chem_change":1,"id":"curve","stat_num":"igs17","name":"Curve","type":"sub","value":70,"max":true}],"dribbling":[{"shortcut":"DRI","gk_shortcut":"REF","chem_change":1,"id":"dribblingp","stat_num":"igs18","name":"Dribbling","gk_stat_name":"Reflexes","type":"main","value":83,"max":true},{"shortcut":"AGI","chem_change":1,"id":"agility","stat_num":"igs19","name":"Agility","type":"sub","value":75,"max":true},{"shortcut":"BAL","chem_change":1,"id":"balance","stat_num":"igs20","name":"Balance","type":"sub","value":77,"max":true},{"shortcut":"REA","chem_change":1,"id":"reactions","stat_num":"igs21","name":"Reactions","type":"sub","value":90,"max":true},{"shortcut":"B\/C","chem_change":1,"id":"ballcontrol","stat_num":"igs22","name":"Ball Control","type":"sub","value":84,"max":true},{"shortcut":"DRI","chem_change":1,"id":"dribbling","stat_num":"igs23","name":"Dribbling","type":"sub","value":83,"max":true},{"shortcut":"COM","chem_change":1,"id":"composure","stat_num":"igs35","name":"Composure","type":"sub","value":86,"max":true}],"defending":[{"shortcut":"DEF","gk_shortcut":"SPE","chem_change":1,"id":"defending","stat_num":"igs24","name":"Defending","gk_stat_name":"Speed","type":"main","value":39,"max":true},{"shortcut":"INT","chem_change":1,"id":"interceptions","stat_num":"igs25","name":"Interceptions","type":"sub","value":40,"max":true},{"shortcut":"H\/A","chem_change":1,"id":"headingaccuracy","stat_num":"igs26","name":"Heading Accuracy","type":"sub","value":81,"max":true},{"shortcut":"MAR","chem_change":1,"id":"marking","stat_num":"igs27","name":"Marking","type":"sub","value":34,"max":true},{"shortcut":"ST\/T","chem_change":1,"id":"standingtackle","stat_num":"igs28","name":"Standing Tackle","type":"sub","value":33,"max":true},{"shortcut":"SL\/T","chem_change":1,"id":"slidingtackle","stat_num":"igs29","name":"Sliding Tackle","type":"sub","value":32,"max":true}],"physical":[{"shortcut":"PHY","gk_shortcut":"POS","chem_change":1,"id":"heading","stat_num":"igs30","name":"Physicality","gk_stat_name":"Positioning","type":"main","value":77,"max":true},{"shortcut":"JUMP","chem_change":1,"id":"jumping","stat_num":"igs31","name":"Jumping","type":"sub","value":77,"max":true},{"shortcut":"STA","chem_change":1,"id":"stamina","stat_num":"igs32","name":"Stamina","type":"sub","value":78,"max":true},{"shortcut":"STR","chem_change":1,"id":"strength","stat_num":"igs33","name":"Strength","type":"sub","value":77,"max":true},{"shortcut":"AGR","chem_change":1,"id":"aggression","stat_num":"igs34","name":"Aggression","type":"sub","value":77,"max":true}]},{"pace":[{"shortcut":"PAC","gk_shortcut":"DIV","chem_change":1,"id":"pace","stat_num":"igs1","name":"Pace","gk_stat_name":"Diving","type":"main","value":84,"max":true},{"shortcut":"ACC","chem_change":1,"id":"acceleration","stat_num":"igs2","name":"Acceleration","type":"sub","value":82,"max":true},{"shortcut":"S\/S","chem_change":1,"id":"sprintspeed","stat_num":"igs3","name":"Sprint Speed","type":"sub","value":85,"max":true}],"shooting":[{"shortcut":"SHO","gk_shortcut":"HAN","chem_change":1,"id":"shooting","stat_num":"igs4","name":"Shooting","gk_stat_name":"Handling","type":"main","value":88,"max":true},{"shortcut":"POS","chem_change":1,"id":"positioning","stat_num":"igs5","name":"Positioning","type":"sub","value":93,"max":true},{"shortcut":"FIN","chem_change":1,"id":"finishing","stat_num":"igs6","name":"Finishing","type":"sub","value":93,"max":true},{"shortcut":"S\/PW","chem_change":1,"id":"shotpower","stat_num":"igs7","name":"Shot Power","type":"sub","value":86,"max":true},{"shortcut":"L\/S","chem_change":1,"id":"longshotsaccuracy","stat_num":"igs8","name":"Long Shots","type":"sub","value":80,"max":true},{"shortcut":"VOL","chem_change":1,"id":"volleys","stat_num":"igs9","name":"Volleys","type":"sub","value":85,"max":true},{"shortcut":"PEN","chem_change":1,"id":"penalties","stat_num":"igs10","name":"Penalties","type":"sub","value":88,"max":true}],"passing":[{"shortcut":"PAS","gk_shortcut":"KIC","chem_change":1,"id":"passing","stat_num":"igs11","name":"Passing","gk_stat_name":"Kicking","type":"main","value":67,"max":true},{"shortcut":"VIS","chem_change":1,"id":"vision","stat_num":"igs12","name":"Vision","type":"sub","value":71,"max":true},{"shortcut":"CRO","chem_change":1,"id":"crossing","stat_num":"igs13","name":"Crossing","type":"sub","value":55,"max":true},{"shortcut":"F\/K\/A","chem_change":1,"id":"freekickaccuracy","stat_num":"igs14","name":"FK. Jucătorul are un preț scăzut și beneficiază de super atribute ofensive Autor: Vlad Ionescu Publicat: 10 Dec. 2020, 19:00 Actualizat: 10 Dec. 2020, 18:22 esports Another recommended option is to subscribe to FUTBIN Silver\Gold\Platinum using your iOS or Android device in order to remove advertisements, Comment your opinion on things, and/or add valuable information, Reply to other comments in a respectful manner, Attack or threat other users. I use him in a 4231 formation and he's very effective as a lone striker, particularly with pacey wingers and CAM's such as Mertens and Insigne. De Italiaanse aanvaller blijft gewoon op zijn plek zitten. So far I have IF Immobile and Icardi as I sold Higuain bought for 92k and sold for 94k as he didn't do anything for me and my Experiences with Immobile last season made me decide to get him again as he's can score goals with his feet and head. Passing - Great link up play, especially with 2 up top, Dribbling - You'd be surprised, left stick dribbling does wonders.