He repeats the story of Silas and Qetsiyah to Elena, and shows her Silas' Headstone. His ability to make others see whatever form he chooses has resulted in his true form being unknown. Present Time (2nd Time Witch) Therefore, Silas and Amara's love affair was kept secret between the two of them, out of fear of shame from society. Silas was then struck by shotgun rounds from Katherine, immobilizing him long enough for Jeremy, Matt, and Katherine to escape. To make sure Silas can't ever be reunited with Amara in death, Qetsiyah created an afterlife called "The Other Side" to serve as a purgatory for all dead supernatural creatures to go to after they die. In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Professor Shane tells his students the story of the world's very first immortal, Silas, and his extremely tragic fate, as well as a legend that mentions his return. His lungs explode but, being a vampire, they regenerate... so that they can explode again. Silas referred to Stefan as his distant grand-nephew, suggesting that Stefan's bloodline originated from one of Silas' siblings. Silas told Qetsiyah that he loved her and wanted to spend an eternity with her, saying that he never wanted to be apart from her, even by death. Silas is the antagonist of season four and a villain in season five. Qetsiyah gave Silas an ultimatum after Silas had found out that Amara had "died": to surrender to her, give up his immortality and take the cure so that he would become a mortal witch again, with the intention that he spend the rest of his mortal life with Qetsiyah instead. Bonnie had learned from Silas that Qetsiyah had created The Other Side so if he did take the Cure and die of old age while buried, he would be trapped in that supernatural purgatory. When he got a message from one of his mind controlled slaves that Katherine had been spotted on Route 9, he asked Elena, under the pretense of looking for Jeremy who was with Katherine, where they would be going. In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Stefan had been trapped in the safe for three months while Silas continued to grow stronger. Silas requires blood to release the cure. They hold on to trees to prevent themselves from getting sucked away. Bonnie decides to avoid Silas altogether, but Silas begins stalking and attacking Caroline and her mother. Near the season finale, Silas has Bonnie prepare to drop the veil, and it begins to resurrect some of the supernatural, including Jeremy and Kol. His ability to make others see whatever form he chooses has resulted in his true form being unknown. Klaus rushes at Silas just to have Silas vanish, then appear behind him, and stab him with the White Oak Stake and breaking a tip off inside Klaus, leaving him in agonizing pain. His tombstone is donated to Whitmore College, but it is unknown who donated it. Grams tries to convince her to free Silas. Merely teased by name at first, and then appearing in a disfigured form, Silas ultimately revealed himself identical to Stefan - … Bonnie confronts Silas when he threatens to continue his attacks. In a tall wooden crate, Amara, his one-true love, was the anchor to the Other Side. Kol is struck with fear and starts rambling to Rebekah on how Silas will kill them all and states that Silas would bring hell on earth. First seen Through the use of his powerful illusions he can be as strong and as fast as he wants his target to believe, Klaus perceived him to be faster as he couldn't catch him with his own speed, and "felt" Silas' strength when he impaled him with the indestructible stake and broke it, while all this was in fact an illusion, Klaus saw and experienced it as if it was real. Silas then meets Bonnie in the form of a pitiful disfigured man, claiming it's his true face as it was disfigured by Qetsiyah. He told Nadia to put her gun to her own chest and was about to make her kill herself but was suddenly stopped by a mental attack. Silas had the typical weaknesses of an immortal. He also can inflict pain upon others as when he made Bonnie think she was suffocating and Klaus that he was stabbed with the White Oak Stake. While Silas and Stefan have obvious different personalities, fans can’t forget that Silas has the ability to read minds. During and after exposure of the story of the first immortal (Silas), Atticus Shane describes part of the true nature of Silas. 1. Hair color Silas was then cured and returned to his former state of being a witch. Era un amante di Qetsiyah e il vero amore di Amara. He explained to Bonnie that the final part of the Expression Triangle they were forming required killing twelve witches. In Down the Rabbit Hole, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Shane go down to the bottom of the tomb to raise him. Jeremy found Matt's body and Silas, who had figured out that the Gilbert Ring must be what could bring Matt back to life. It is a sedimentary rock, probably sandstone infused with quartz, or dolomite. in Ancient Greece, during the Biblical Times, Silas was a young, gifted and powerful witch who was a part of a group of very gifted witches called The Travelers. Episode Count They manage to overpower him and force him in a fossilized mummy like state. To die.Destroy The Other Side and be reunited with his true love. { » Role-player.| » Belongs to her. Member of The Travelers (Formerly)Prisoner (Formerly)Progenitor of Salvatore Doppelgänger bloodlineThe Cure (Formerly)Member of The Spirits (Formerly) He is portrayed by Paul Wesley, Raymond Scott Parks and several cast members and voiced by Jason Spisak. He explained that everyone Shane had sacrificed would be brought back, but when Bonnie still didn't want to go along with his plan, Silas told her that Jeremy was drained of blood and killed. Bonnie later avenged her father when she deliberately allows Silas to be sucked into oblivion. Shane says when Silas was searching for a way to become immortal he got help from his friend Qetsiyah. Unfortunately for Silas, he was trapped in a situation with Qestiyah, to whom he was engaged. As Silas awakens, Katharine steals the cure and Silas forcibly drinks Jeremy's blood before breaking his neck. The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural tv show about a girl named Elena and her relationship with the Salvatore brothers – two vampires who have been around for nearly a century and a half. In Death and the Maiden Silas mentions to Stefan that he has never once died and thus didn't know what dying feels like, confirming that immortals are actually not undead. 13K likes. Silas heads out and is attacked by Damon and Bonnie. Stiles's birth name is Mietek. Silas is not above killing innocent people to achieve his goals. Stefan eventually killed Silas. Silas est devenu le premier homme immortel en même temps que son grand amour et âme soeur, Amara. What seems to be one of Silas' most defining traits is his apparent death wish. Home (Ghost). Unlike the others, Silas had the ability to shapeshift into other people and had the mastery of creating illusions, making others see whatever he wants them to see. Silas was engaged to a beautiful young lady named Qetsiyah (who would become the oldest known ancestor of the Bennett bloodline), who was one of the most powerful witches in history and was also his best friend since childhood. Hobby Silas at the warehouse where he finds Amara. He then tells her not to hide from him again. He also performed other basic magical feats such as making flames appear on the tips of his fingers, liquefying a stranger's internal organs and trapping Qetsiyah, one of the most powerful witches in history inside a cabin for a whole day by binding the spell to the sun in Handle with Care. Silas è uno dei personaggi della Quarta Stagione e Quinta Stagione. (Greece; Age Unknown/2000+) In 2009, Atticus Shane ventured to the island to locate the well. Once the members of The Five were to find Silas, they were to wake him, force him to take the Cure, and kill him. Mikael is a hard man. Silas admitted that he wasn't quite as strong as Jeremy but his immortality did give him an edge, skewering himself while Jeremy was grappled to his back, impaling Jeremy as well. The Vampire Diaries Season Four Characters, The Vampire Diaries Season Five Characters, progenitor of the Salvatore Doppelgänger bloodline, File:Résumé-de-l'épisode-17-saison-4 -Because-the-Night-SIlas-Shane-Klaus.png, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silas_(name), https://vampirediaries.fandom.com/wiki/Silas?oldid=2782415, The First Version of the Salvatore Doppelgängers, Perfect Specimen of Man, Supernatural Madonna, The mask that covered Silas' face seems to have changed in design between. At that moment, Silas decided to reveal himself, explaining to the town that he had gained a lot of strength through his blood-letting in the summer and though he was once limited to only getting into one person's head at a time, he could now control a whole town square. No information Stefan and Silas have rarely interacted with one another, however in the Season 4 finale Graduation, it is revealed that Stefan is in fact a doppelgänger and descendant of Silas, a line created so that there would be mortal 'Silas' that could die in the place of Silas, who was a true immortal. After Stefan's ancestry was revealed, Silas stabbed him, locked him inside a safe and threw him into the lake. He teaches Bonnie how to do the spell so that she could teach Liv Parker. Silas tells Klaus to bring him the Cure and it won't be used on him. He also can make himself look like anyone such as when he appeared as Shane. In Home, Enzo enlists Silas as the Traveler who could teach them the spell which could bring the dead back to life. Silas, sent Bonnie to Damon so she could be taken back home, where Bonnie told her friends of what "Shane" told her. Aug 3, 2014 - Explore maeghan bagley's board "Amara and silas vampire diaries", followed by 124 people on Pinterest. However, after the introduction of Silas in the fourth season it soon … With the Expression Triangle completed, Silas had everything he needed to destroy The Other Side. However, as he is about to catch her hand, she pulls it back and lets Silas disappear into oblivion, getting final revenge for her father's death. We ranked "The Vampire Diaries" villains by the strength of their bite. Silas is the overarching antagonist of The Vampire Diaries. As such, the cult of Silas remains destroyed. Bonnie, who wanted to bring back Jeremy and Grams, tried to convince her friends to get on board by telling them that their dead supernatural friends and family could come back too, and that they just had to finish the triangle by killing 12 more people. The immortality spell (elixir) in which Qetsiyah had created was to be consumed by both Silas and Qetsiyah on their wedding ceremony. In Because the Night, after the Expression Triangle is completed, Silas pays Klaus a visit. Silas fight with Jeremy and shows his physical capabilities. In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Professor Shane tells Damon and Elena that he has already found the location of Silas' tomb. Silas' appearances in The Vampire Diaries and who he's turned into to fool Bonnie and her friends, mostly Stefan which is his "true" form, due to Stefan being his doppelgänger and descendant. Additionally, while he was an immortal, he was arguably the most powerful being ever to appear in the series universe solely due to his absolute Immortality and his very powerful psychic abilities, over which he had an immense level of control. By his own admission, Silas wishes to take the Cure, so that he can die and be reunited with his human lover. Bonnie cuts herself on the way down, and her blood drips down the hole onto Silas. Bonnie, unlike Silas, didn't want to destroy The Other Side. Fans who watched the most recent episode of The Vampire Diaries know that Silas can take any form — a skill he’ll likely put to good use as the series races toward its May 16 finale. Upon seeing Silas' body, she believed she had escaped death once again but Damon attacked her, feeding her and her blood to Silas just as she had done to Jeremy on the island, raising Silas as he drained her of her blood while at the same time he was drinking the cure in her bloodstream. He is a very distant ancestor of Damon and Stefan Salvatore and of the Salvatore family bloodline. In Original Sin, Silas tried to have Nadia prove herself further despite her killing Gregor in front of him. The group's current status is unknown, however, with his ultimate demise, they are likely inactive. Physical appearance His skin appeared to be very dark/black, apparently from all the dirt accumulated on him as well as being mummy-like because he has had no blood. —We believe lies at first so eventually learn to trust no one but yourself. Therefore, because of Silas' powerful love for Amara, he desired immortality. Tragic Immortal, ConjurationElementumancyMind controlPrecognitionSorceryTelekinesisImmortalitySuperhuman durabilityHealing factorEnhanced strengthTelepathyIllusionsVoice mimicryPsychic pain inflictionAdvanced immunityEnhanced ReflexesEnhances sensesEidetic memory. Annoyed by the inconvenience, he snapped Matt's neck, killing him. After Qetsiyah found out, she killed Amara in a jealous rage, her death devastating Silas. Furious with her former lover, Qetsiyah used her magic to manipulate Silas' heart, stopping the blood from coursing through his body and desiccating him. Watch The Vampire Diaries Online. Im Laufe des Sommers trank Silas große Mengen Blut und trank zufällig von den Leuten von Mystic Falls, ehe er ihre Erinnerungen löschte, dass er überhaupt dort war. Bonnie calls him a plague, much to his delight before being sucked into oblivion. Jeremy, mustering all his courage, stood up to Silas, telling him that because he was a member of The Five, none of Silas' psychic abilities worked on him either, and that he knew that Silas wasn't as strong or fast as a vampire. Silas seems to show a similar animosity to Stefan that Katherine does to Elena, as both of their 'shadow selves' are leading far better lives than them. As Qetsiyah was waiting for Silas to join her at the altar so that they could share their gift of immortality together, everything around Qetsiyah started to die, which indicated that Silas had betrayed her and that he was drinking the immortality elixir somewhere else. He can make illusions that are so real that he convinced Klaus that he was dying. He psychically commanded them all to stay where they were as he viciously slit Mayor Hopkins' throat in front of the town and Bonnie's ghost, completing his vow that Bonnie would suffer for breaking her promise to drop the veil to the Other Side, before ordering them all to find Katherine for him. 13K likes. He proved to be a very powerful magic user as shown when he disrupted Qetsiyah's anchor swap spell. Not much is known about their relationship but his feelings for her is what inspired him to become immortal. However, Silas has shown to be willing to negotiate with people. Created by Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson. Shane takes them to the island where Silas is buried and after a few encounters with other hunters, Jeremy and Bonnie find Silas's tomb. Stefan Salvatore Alias Stefan Salvatore is a fictional character and one of the two main protagonists from L. J. Smith's novel series The Stabbed With Dagger Silas walks off saying he'll be in touch. Qetsiyah was strongly enraged and deeply hurt when she discovered that Silas had loved Amara and not her and wanted to spend an eternity with Amara instead of her. Summary. He reveals he has traveled with many witches in his lifetime. Silas was born some time between 5th century B.C. Silas tells Bonnie that the humans that died were a necessary sacrifice. Male SILAS - The Vampire Diaries. Silas was born sometime between 5th century B.C. However, Silas had a plan of his own, to drop the veil to The Other Side, ruining Qetsiyah's plan. Out of revenge, Qetsiyah created a Cure for Immortality, found Amara, petrified her and faked her death. Qetsiyah was unaware that he had no intention of spending eternity with her while she created the spell, blinded by Silas and her love for him. He wanted to have his powers back long enough to get inside Tessa's head, counting on her believing she was speaking to Stefan and being off guard since she had once loved a man with the same face. When Caroline confesses she doesn't know where she is, Silas (still as Klaus) plants an illusion in her mind that he staked her in the heart. Silas also encounters Klaus and demands he help him find the cure, staking him and breaking a piece off in his back, it was later revealed that Klaus wasn't really staked and the pain he suffered wasn't real, it was all a hallucination Silas caused. In doing so, Katherine Pierce bit Jeremy and forced him to feed his blood to Silas, who ultimately snapped Jeremy's neck afterward. The relationship between Silas and Bonnie Bennett started after the group's acquisition of the Cure and the subsequent release of Silas who awoke and broke free of his prison after feeding on Jeremy. His face was covered with a fossilized iron mask and most of his body was covered with intertwining vines and roots. Over 2,000 years ago, Silas was in love with a young lady named Amara and he desired to spend eternity with her. In True Lies, while those he mind controlled hunted Katherine, Silas found Elena at Whitmore College using his abilities to convince her that he was Stefan. Over 2,000 years ago, Silas was in love with a young lady named Amara and he desired to spend eternity with her. As the fifth season opens, Elena, after a passionate summer with Damon, heads to college nearby with Caroline as her roommate. He pushes and pushes and nothing his children do is ever enough. damonsalvatore, bonniebennett, carolineforbes. Played by He later torments Caroline to find Bonnie who was hiding from him, even going as far as threatening Sheriff Forbes' life, and going on a killing spree. He attacks Silas, and holds him in chains, with Bonnie coming to attack him before he could react.Bonnie then used Expression to petrify him. Biographical information He told her that the witches would all link themselves together in an attempt to remove the expression from her being; he emphasized that she endure them until they were all linked, and once they did, she was to overpower them and kill them. (1st Time Witch) When Klaus refused, Silas revealed that he had gained possession of the White Oak Stake from an unknowing Rebekah. 5'11" (Feet)1.80 (Meters) Jeremy tells Bonnie that if her Grams were there he would be able to see her, and that Silas is messing with her mind. For two millenniums, Silas had lain buried, awaiting the day when someone would find him and free him from his tomb. With the destruction of Hell, his ultimate fate remains unknown. In Death and the Maiden, a wounded Silas, picked up Damon's call and broke his promise to resurrect Bonnie. The Vampire Diaries Throughout the season, we’ve had hints that Silas might be resurrected, but even after it happened, the character began to … The episode began with possibly the best opening on record for “The Vampire Diaries.”. At the end, a part of his face can be seen, looking scarred and disfigured. But that's exactly what the Mystic Falls group did since Silas's tomb was rumored to also house the only cure for immortality. He then causes Bonnie to believe that she was suffocating from lack of oxygen, before going to Damon in the form of Alaric in order to get Damon to convince her to help. Shane shows drawings of Silas along with his headstone. Green Plus, a terrifying appearance by Silas (PAUL WESLEY). Unknown to Silas, Stefan had been rescued from the quarry by Qetsiyah, who had returned from The Other Side when Bonnie had lowered the veil, as her hunters of The Five had failed to kill Silas. His plan went well at first, being able to manipulate Qetsiyah psychically while Damon killed Stefan multiple times to keep the link broken. This spell made him a true immortal, completely immortal and indestructible. Atticus Shane stumbles upon Silas's tomb whilst exploring the island where he was buried. Il personaggio più maligno di The Vampire Diaries 4 è sicuramente Silas, che ha addirittura rimpiazzato, e intimorito, l'Originale Klaus. Centuries later, a group of miners created a well above Silas' tomb. 'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Amara And Silas Have A Bloody Reunion In 'Death And The Maiden' 11/15/2013 09:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 5, Episode 7 of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries," titled "Death And The Maiden." It is possible that the stone is native to Nova Scotia, where Silas was entombed on one of the province's islands. Bonnie tells Jeremy that in order to get the Cure, they must feed him blood. Jeremy Gilbert (5th Time/Revived by Bonnie Bennett)Five hospital patientsRudy HopkinsMatt Donovan (2nd Time/Revived by Gilbert Ring)Many unknown humans over the centuries